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Product Introduction This series is based on the national standard GB14614-2006 developed independently by the rheological properties of dough to measure the strength of flour flours quality measurement apparatus, the main test items have water absorption, development time, stability time and attenuation degree. To ensure the accuracy of each instrument test results, products in the factory with the national authoritative institution (using imported equipment) has done more than double Test. Farinograph by the host (chassis, rub-mixer) composed of the main components, part Buret, constant temperature water bath, the computer systems.
Product Usage
Electronic Farinograph wheat flour quality testing of special equipment. Mainly used for breeding wheat business acquisition, storage, flour processing, food production and other processes on the quality of the quality of wheat and wheat flour were detected control.
1. Selection aerospace industry measurement sensors ensure high reliability, precision and service life
2. Independent research and development of computer data acquisition and analysis program, with data collection, drawing silty curve analysis silty test parameters, such as automatic save feature
3. Program interface can simultaneously display 12 silty curve, facilitate comparison of data nuances
4. Data retention Access format, available Microsoft Access, for easy access
5. USB interfaces, the real hot-swappable, plug and play
6. Data acquisition using digital optical isolation technology, Moot signal ground and computer ground separated to prevent unwanted signal acquisition card by string to the computer, in order to avoid damage to your computer caused thereby
7.300g 50g cylinder and cylinder used interchangeably, the program can identify cylinder type and automatically perform different algorithms without manual adjustment, consistent test results
8. The use of electronic detection technology to replace mechanical force measuring system, test data is accurate, fast
9. Perfect two-button while turning the power and kneading bowl and lid off the safety design, the effective protection of the safe operation of the user
Technical Description
1. Power supply 220V, motor power ≤250W
2. Output shaft speed 63 ± 1r / min, the speed of stirring blade speed ratio of 1: 1.5
3. Output shaft speed is adjustable to suit different evaluation methods
4. The use of a torque sensor is kneaded process, torque range: 1 ~ 10Nm, the accuracy is not less than 0.5%
5. And face bowl capacity: 300g
6. Bobo and face and body and face bowl knife made of stainless steel
7. Bowl and surface sensors and overload protection
8. Rub mixture has security features
9. Measuring range: 0 to 1000 silty units, unit Torque: (9.8 ± 0.2) mN · m / FU
10. Water was added and the whole process of operating the computer prompts, automatic data processing
11. Silty curve can compare different trials
12. Test results can be exported in a data format for statistical analysis
13. You can follow the national standard method, international standard method for the evaluation of silty curve
14. Bowl and surface temperature 30 ± 0.2 ℃
15. Water was added accuracy 0.2ml (300g rubbing upmixer)
16. Products manufactured using standard samples for testing, settling at 15% of the standard deviation values within the range
17. Products through CE certification
18. Free sample calibration standard user equipment each year
19. The instrument is suitable for a single brand commercial computer
20. A brand A4 laser printer
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