falling number
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falling number
Product Introduction The series is divided into print and non-print with two products. Instrument is used in line with the national standard GB10361-1989 "grain falling number determination," and apply to cereals, flour and other products containing starch in α-amylase activity measurement, is an area of grain storage, flour processing, food processing, etc. quality verification of important measuring instruments. The principle of the instrument is: gelatinized starch liquefaction decomposition of enzyme activity was measured after liquefaction gelatinization decomposing solution viscosity decreased use of α-amylase, based on changes in viscosity and therefore reflect the content of the enzyme. Land values, low viscosity, showing strong activity.
Technical parameters
1. Stirring rod Weight: 25 ± 0.05g
2. Viscosity Tube Size: Nei Jing φ21 ± 0.02mm
Foreign Economic φ23.8 ± 0.25mm
The inner wall of the high 220 ± 0.3mm
3. Heater power: 600W
4. Measurement error: <5%
5. Power supply: AC220V, 50Hz
6. Repeatability: The difference between the two measurement results shall not exceed 10% of the average
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