gluten analyzer
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gluten analyzer
Product description: This product is according to the GB/T14608-93 "wheat flour wet gluten determination method" national standard developed by a special washing apparatus for determining the content of gluten in wheat flour, respectively, with the gluten from the right, the gluten index determination, and the composition of the gluten analyzer. Widely used in food and gluten processing, scientific research institutions, food storage, and other departments, users can choose according to self demand configuration.

Performance features:

1, washing time adjustment range;

2, double pump water supply to improve the flow stability;

3, can be single or double ended operation (this product is a single head);

4, the shape of the anti-corrosion performance improvement.

Technical description:

1, fine cleaning mesh size: 88um

2, coarse cleaning mesh size: 840um

3, washing cup inner diameter: 54 mm

4, washing sample: 10g

5, washing solution flow: 55 ~ 56 ml/min

6, and face time: s 0-75 (digital display can be adjusted)

7, washing time: Min 0-15 (digital display can be adjusted)

8, agitator speed: 120 + 2r/min;

9, working voltage: 50Hz AC220V

10, motor power: 300W

11, machine weight: 18.5kg

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