Infrared Moisture Tester
Category: seeds testing equipment  Publish Time: 2017-07-20 10:08 

Infrared Moisture Tester
Introduction: Infrared Moisture Tester is used to test moisture in raw material, fuel, grain, food, tea, etc. Put certain samples on the scale inside the instrument when testing, and turn on scale and infrared heating device. Moisture of the samples evaporates quickly in infrared radiation. When the moisture fully evaporates, the percentage of the sample moisture content can be read out directly.
Technical Parameter:
Weighing range: 0~10g
Weighing division value: 5mg
Reading on rod range: 0~1g(0~20%)
Degree of accuracy: Class A
Accuracy: 0.2%
Temperature regulating range: 80~160℃
Pressure regulating range: 140V~220V
Timer: 0~30 min
Scale diameter: φ100mm
Power: 220V/50Hz, 260W
Contour dimension: 280mm*375mm*560mm
N.W.: 12kg