Smoke Point tester
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 Smoke Point tester
Detailed Smoke Point tester is based on the fifth article of national standards GB/T20795-2006 " vegetable oil smoking point Determination".Test Plant Oil Smoking Point .Widely used in quality control, import and export inspection, oil processing, oil storage and transportation, food processing, scientific research, agricultural breeding, the school ,vegatable oil smoking point testing department and so on . After heating ,the sample will generate smoke.When observe small and continuous blue smoke (pyrolysis products in oil ),read temperature on the and press Heat/Lock key.The top of the machine will show smoke point.It’s intuitive and easy to use

1.Double experimental error: ≤2°c

2.Result :read and digital display

3.Power: AC(220±22)V,50Hz

4.Working environment:

Temperature: 0~40 °c

Relative humidity ≤ 80% RH

5.Dimension: 450×600×900(L×W×H)mm
255×275×385 mm
6.Weight:10 kg
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