Fully automatic fatty acid value tester
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Fully automatic fatty acid value tester
Automatic analysis of the fatty acid value tester for microprocessor control instruments, determination of the color change of the solution, can be used for rice Valley, such as wheat, corn, grain of fatty acid value of titration analysis test. Main specifications and technical indexes Determination of index and accuracy Indicators of national standard determination accuracy Rice, wheat, corn, fatty acids value
GB/T 20569-20569 appendix A
GB/T 20570-20570 appendix A
Two test 2 mg / 100 g or less
Detection time: the time of 5 m or less I n/sample
Temperature: 15 ℃ to 40 ℃
Power supply voltage: ac 220 v + 10 v, 50 hz
Instrument net weight: 2 0 k g
Dimension: 3 6 5 m m 1 2 3 8 m X 3 m X 3 m m

Fully automatic fatty acid value tester
Fatty acid value experiment fully automated titration, automatic calculation and automatic error analysis, form report automatically.
This instrument adopts high definition camera monitoring, through the contrast analysis, automatic titration, automatic stop, and other functions,
To achieve the unmanned automation experiment, to avoid the artificial error to the naked eye, artificial operation error, artificial calculation error, etc.
Digital, the color of the solution curve analysis, so as to achieve the digital, improve the reliability of color, improve the experiment
Instrument adopts stepper motor to push the liquid, the liquid volume precision reaches 0. 0 1 m l.Radically changed the macroscopic observation scale
The error, automatic cleaning function, exempt the multifarious maintenance, automatic calibration function, more durable, more reliable.