automatic protractor
Category: grain testing equipment  Publish Time: 2018-03-20 06:46 

automatic protractor
The automatic protractor is designed and manufactured specially for the automatic delivery of the package food and grain free transport truck The whole machine has good steel, high automation, video monitoring, remote operation, time-saving and convenient operation Key equipment for sampling inspection of grain sampling.

Technical parameters

Main arm lift range (along the z-axis) : 4000-5000mm (customizable)

· small car moving range (along X axis) : 500-4500mm

· lift range (along z axis) : 900-5000mm (customizable)

Rotation Angle: + 180 ℃

· remote control switch control board power: 380v

· remote control battery model: 5 # batteries

· rotary motor: 380v 0.75kw

· mobile motor: 380v 0.55 kw

· post - spline motor: 380v 0.55 kw

· main pillar lifting motor: 380v 3kw

· feeder: 380v 5.5 kw

· screen size: 19 inches