wile grain moisture meter
Category: grain testing equipment  Publish Time: 2018-09-06 12:09 

wile grain moisture meter
can test over 30kinds of grains


can test ovder 30kinds of grains 
automatically calculate the mean value of various testing results, 
of high accuracy and performance 


1.Liquid Crystal Display                                                                          

2. Dual temperature compensation                                                                             

3.memorize automatically and calculate the meanvalue  of various testing results                                                     

4.can revise testing results. ranging from -4% to +4 %                                                                                        

5. can test 16 varieties of grains                                                        

6. average accuracy: ±0.5%                                                             

7. Testing range:                                                                                

cereals: 8-40%                                                                                     

oil crops: 5-25%