Fully automatic grain fatty acid value tester
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Fully automatic grain fatty acid value tester
The fully automatic grain fatty acid value analyzer is a microprocessor controlled analytical instrument that measures the color change of the solution. It can be used for titration analysis experiments of the fatty acid value of grains such as rice, corn, and wheat flour.

Measurement indicators and accuracy



national standard


Rice and corn







Meets national standard requirements


1. Measurement range: 0-300mg KOH/100g dry matter


2. Resolution: 0.01 mg KOH/100g dry matter


3. Repeatability: 2 mg/100g


4. Coefficient of variation (CV): When the fatty acid value is greater than 12mg/100g, the CV should not exceed 4%


5. Titration rate of suction pump: 0.5ml/min-10ml/min (adjustable)


6. Specification of suction pump: 10ml


7. Pump flow accuracy: relative standard deviation RSD 1%


8. Mixing speed: 10-250r/min (adjustable)


9. Sample testing time: 10min/sample


10. Environmental temperature: 15 -40


11. Noise: less than 60dB


12. Power supply voltage: AC220V ± 10V, 50HZ


13. Equipped with automatic sample injection and automatic titration functions, real-time display of titration volume and color changes during titration process.


14. Using high-definition cameras to collect data, the sensor does not need to come into contact with the sample solution during the titration process, and there is no cross contamination.


15. Minimum liquid volume: not more than 0.005ml.


16. Color response time: 10ms.


17. End point determination method: non-contact color method.


18. The product has been certified by the National Grain Administration Standard Quality Center

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