Wheat moistener
Category: grain testing equipment  Publish Time: 2023-11-30 03:50 

Wheat moistener
The wheat moistening machine is a professional wheat moistening equipment developed and produced by our company. The pre-treatment equipment for the moistening process in the production of milled wheat flour samples; Effectively solving the complex process of manual humidification and stirring in the process of moistening wheat, eliminating factors such as uneven moisture and insufficient shaking frequency in the case of manual moistening wheat, and improving work efficiency; It is an essential product for the pre-treatment of wheat experimental milling machine samples.

This instrument is mainly used in departments such as wheat flour processing, grain depots, quality inspection institutions, and universities and colleges;

Technical parameters:

1. External dimensions: 530 * 400 * 330mm

2. Working power supply: AC220V, 50Hz

3. Motor power: 140W

4. Speed: 50-100r/min, adjustable speed

5. Fuses: 2A

7. Mixing time: 0-99h

8. The mixing time can be set independently to achieve automated control

9. Maximum sample capacity: 2L

10. The maximum capacity of a volumetric flask is 2L

11. Can mix two volumetric flasks simultaneously

12. Adopting a shaft chamber with multiple controllable flow rates for uniform water addition

13. The instrument has visible rotational speed and can be adjusted as needed

14. LCD touch interface with built-in water calculation formula

The product has been certified by the National Grain Administration Standard Quality Center