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1:introduction: The fully automatic electronic flour analyzer is used in flour mills, grain depots, testing ins


The fully automatic electronic flour analyzer is used in flour mills, grain depots, testing institutions, universities, wheat breeding and other departments. The main components consist of a powder analyzer host (chassis, mixer), a dedicated automatic water adding device for the powder analyzer, a constant temperature water bath, a computer system, and other parts.

2:Technical Parameter

1Special automatic water adding device for powder analyzer

1. Adopting the latest water adding system, it is not affected by water pressure or air pressure, and can achieve precise water addition

2. After installation and debugging, simply enter the amount of water added on the computer software to complete the water adding process

3. External dimensions: 352mm * 237mm * 315mm

4. Power supply voltage: 220 ± 10V 50Hz

5. Discharge speed: 225ml/20S

6. Maximum water storage capacity: 225ml

7. Pump capacity: 25ml/time

8. Configure one thermostatic water bath suitable for this machine


1. Working power supply 220V, motor power 250W

2. The output shaft speed is 63 ± 1r/min, and the speed ratio of the fast and slow mixing blades is 1:1.5

3. The output shaft speed is adjustable and requires 31.5rpm to adapt to different evaluation methods

4. Use a torque sensor to detect the mixing process, with a torque range of 1-10Nm and an accuracy of no less than 0.5%

5. Capacity of dough bowl: 300g

6. The body of the bowl and the knife of the bowl are made of high-quality stainless steel

7. Sensors and dough bowls have overload protection

8. The mixer has a safety protection function

9. Measurement range: 0-1000 powder units, unit torque: (9.8 ± 0.2) mN · m/FU

10. Full computer prompts for water addition and operation process, with automatic data processing

11. Comparable powder curves from different experiments

12. Test results can be exported in data format for statistical analysis

13. The powder quality curve can be evaluated according to national and international standard methods

14. Working temperature of the dough bowl: 30 ± 0.2

15. Water addition accuracy is 0.2ml (300g mixer)

16. The product is tested using standard samples before leaving the factory, and the stability time error is within 15% of the standard value

17. Annual free use of standard samples to calibrate user equipment

18. One branded computer suitable for this instrument

19. The product has been certified by the National Grain Administration Standard Quality Center

4 Rated total power of fully automatic powder analyzer: 300W